Our Story

We have indie in our veins! Passion and perseverance is how 17 year old founder Edithson Abelard set out to accomplish his dream. With $128 in his pocket and a need to consume massive amounts of books (self proclaimed "chic geek")  Edithson started Passion 47. He was dedicated to keeping the company innovative and responsive; starting out as a graphics design based airbrushing, in which he focused on making every individual clients attire unique; then developed into a website and branding company. But no one could stop his need to get into interactive work, because it could propel a brand message into an experience!

We have evolved (like all alpha species)…currently we are now an indie based interactive and gaming studio, with a rich history and backing knowledge of a full service interactive and branding firm. This stills beats to the drum of his original goal of being innovative and responsive… because now we're following our heart, but also being there for our fellow indie friends and commercial clients in a well rounded tactical and creative environment!

What makes Passion 47 different is that these same experts are also out there in the community sharing their knowledge and passion for what they do. Beyond helping others build their brands, Passion 47 is dedicated to building up the community and helping those in need. We take pride in devoting hundreds of hours to community service, mentorship and donations to a variety of individuals and organizations. There is no feeling like helping others believe in themselves by providing them with the tools, education and opportunity that is necessary to succeed.

In every sense of the word, Passion 47 is built out of just that – passion; passion to help others, passion for design, passion for life, passion for growth, and the ongoing commitment to follow our own passions.